This is Wallism

We're Wallism and we work together with selected designers to lead a creative revolution for walls. With a little help from the latest tech and a smashing design team, we’re here to challenge the perception of wall decor, revive the industry and help you get the dream space you've always wanted.

We make everything to order and customize our designs to fit your specific wall and taste.

We operate globally and ship our murals worldwide, but we're originally a Swedish brand founded in Stockholm. Our roots in Scandinavian style and Swedish craftsmanship mean you're in safe hands with us.

image of bed with a vibrant Wallpaper mural behind it. Liberate a wall and join the wallism movement. Are your walls in?

With small batches, experimental designs, up-and-coming pattern designers and bespoke motifs, we're here to make remarkable walls accessible to all. It’s wallism in its purest form.

Sorry, Morris

Traditional wallpapers are produced at an industrial scale with old printing technology. While mass production brought down costs and helped spread wallpapers from the mansions to the many, it did come with one flaw – creative stagnation. Due to high startup costs for each new design, the industry simply kept pushing the same old patterns, rather than reinventing and daring to go for new unproven ones. And they still do.

So, if you've ever wondered why most wallpaper designs are from the late 19th century or why your local wallpaper store pushes the designs granny had in her dining room, this is why. Not nostalgia – it's industrial economics and old printing technology.

For decades (centuries, really), this system has created huge barriers for young designers and halted contemporary creative exploration. Even today, new surface designers and great experimental ideas are held back by the likes of William Morris. Who died in 1896.

No wonder wallpaper has been seen as something old and traditional. Until wallism spread.

Thinking outside the roll

While we’re on the subject of creative limitations, there’s one more thing… The traditional mass-market production method comes with yet another flaw setting designers back – all motifs need to be repeated and small enough to fit the width of a standardized wallpaper roll. No personalization, no choices, no big motifs or patterns. It’s the same mass-produced rolls for everyone. Hence the industry's love for chunking out small floral patterns.

Wallism, on the other hand, is flipping that. With our state-of-the-art printing presses, we produce every order separately and can slice big motifs and patterns across multiple wallpaper strips. This makes it possible for designers to think big (literally) and explore motifs and murals that go beyond the width of a single wallpaper roll.

So while Wallism surely is made possible by a shift in production technology, it’s what it means for designers – and ultimately for your walls – that matters.

Office with creative wallpaper mural on wall What's on your wall?

It’s just plain smart, too

Ok, so Wallism is great for designers, for walls screaming out for something new, and for you who dare to put a personal touch on your home. But even if you’re not looking for unique stand-out designs, Wallism still just makes sense. Here are a few of our favorite points:

  • Made to order. This means no unwanted old wallpaper rolls collecting dust in a warehouse and no silly floral designs ever produced in vain. Some say it’s sustainable, we believe it’s just common sense.
  • Tailored to your specifications. Only buy the exact amount of wallpaper you need for your wall. Anything else would be… Uhm, old?
  • Soooo easy. With Wallism, all wallpaper strips are numbered and produced specifically to fit the dimensions of your room. You also get a chart with a preview of the whole wall. No fuss. If ever in doubt, check out our simple guide here.
  • Satisfaction guarantee. We offer you a 30-day refund. In the unlikely event that you're not happy with our product, we give you your money back.

So that’s Wallism. Are your walls in?