Making less of an impact

While we’re here to make a big impression on walls everywhere, we strive to make less of an impact on the world around us.

Sourcing & production

From an environmental perspective, our primary focus is sourcing and production. The materials we use, how we source them, and how we produce our products.

  • The paper we use is FSC-certified from sustainably managed forests. Every tree that is used for our wallpapers is replaced by a newly planted tree. Read more about the certification process and what it means here.
  • Our non-woven wallpaper material consists of a mix of paper and polyester fibers. The paper used is TCF-quality (Totally Chlorine Free) and the fibers used to add strength to the material are certified by OEKO-TEX which means it’s been tested for harmful substances.
  • Our printing method uses non-toxic dry toners. They contain no PVC, no allergens, and no substances harmful to the environment.
    All electricity that goes into production and the production facility is fossil-free.
  • Operating from Sweden means we’re following one of the toughest environmental regulations in the world when it comes to production.


Shipping is a big chunk of most companies' environmental impact and a constant area of improvement for Wallism.

  • For international shipping, we’ve partnered with UPS, a logistics company that shares our values regarding sustainable solutions with less strain on the environment.
  • Our production and packaging partner use no plastics when packaging your products.
We only produce what you order

Business model & philosophy

While our actions in production, sourcing, and logistics are tangible and easy to pin down, we also believe our ways of working are a step in the right direction.

  • As we’re only making our products to order, no wallpapers are ever produced in vain or risk ending up not being sold. This, we believe, is the future of production and the most responsible way of dealing with our shared and limited resources.
  • Being tailor-made means that we only produce the exact amount of wallpaper needed for each room. This allows us to reduce waste to near zero compared to traditional wallpaper production.

Have an idea?

If you have an idea or suggestion on how we can do better, please let us know.

There's always room for improvement and your perspectives from the outside can help us get there faster. Just pop us an eco-friendly email using [email protected].