Our policy: satisfied or your money back

We offer all our customers a 30-day right to withdraw and return any uninstalled products. Simply return the product to get your money back or exchange it for another item.

We want all our customers to be happy with what we design and produce. Therefore, we offer you a 30-day right to return your unmounted product to us and get a full refund. The right to return the product applies for 30 days from the time you have received the product.

If you wish to cancel your purchase, contact us at [email protected] and we'll help you with the return.

Please note that the item does not need to be returned to us within 30 days - we only need your cancellation notice within 30 days to cancel your purchase.


When you contact us to return an order – please include the order number that you received in your order confirmation. We will give you information regarding the return shipping.

Please note that we cannot handle your refund until we have received the product. We do not reimburse any shipping costs.

Please note that your returned order will be recycled. Since they're made to your measurements, they cannot be resold.


When we've received your order in return, we will refund the full amount to your account within 14 days. The amount will be refunded in full via the payment method you used to place the order, without any transaction fees. Prior to assembly, please confirm that the product aligns with your expectations – we do not reimburse any expenses incurred for mounting or assembly.

Quick cancellations

If you've just placed your order and changed your mind or realized you ordered the wrong size, it is always possible to cancel your order or correct it before we've even produced or shipped it. That's good for everyone, including the planet.

Reach out to us with your name and order number as soon as possible, and we'll cancel your order before it reaches our workshop. You can simply reply to your order confirmation directly or email us at [email protected].