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What's Wallism?

Glad you asked. Wallism is not only a new platform for remarkable wallpaper and murals by contemporary designers, but it’s also a movement dedicated to bringing back creativity to walls and making the unique possible.
Our aim is to revive the wallpaper industry with contemporary expressions and design ideas that traditional vendors don’t dare to invest in. We would be delighted to have you and your walls with us on this journey.

How does the satisfaction Guarantee work?

We want all our customers to be satisfied with the murals and wallpapers we design and produce. If you're not satisfied, simply return your order within 30 days and we'll give you a full refund.
Read more about our money-back guarantee policy in the Returns & Refunds section.

How does Wallism work?

Once you've found a design that you absolutely love, measure your wall and insert the measurements into our configuration tool. Click preview and you'll be able to move your design to make sure you get the part you want.

After you've placed your order we will review it before we send it to one of our digital hi-res wallpaper presses. Your order is then produced according to your unique measurements.

Once produced, your wallpaper or mural will be delivered to you as wallpaper strips on a roll (19.3 inches / 49 cm wide) that are hung (just like regular wallpaper) in order to make up the ordered motif. It's easy and fun.

Where do you produce?

We produce every order in a workshop in the southwest of Sweden. The factory is located in classic wallpaper land and the workshop has been active for over a century. The know-how and the expertise are literally in the walls.

Can I print my own image?

No, unfortunately not. If you want to print your photo in a big format to use as a mural, there are several other sites that basically print anything.

Wallism, on the other hand, is dedicated to creating a space with remarkable designs where up-and-coming designers can meet a new audience. So more interior design and less of a print shop. More movement, fewer cute pets on walls.

Do you keep popular designs in stock?

No, all our wallpaper and murals are made to order and shipped directly from our workshop and straight to you. When you place your order, we go ahead and produce it. Modern, smart and sustainable. This is quite a big thing for us, so if you have 20 more seconds, let us tell you why!

First of all, we believe one should never produce anything in vain. Great wallpaper designs should be on walls and not in warehouses where they risk ending up as waste if not sold.

Secondly, wallpaper sites that keep warehouses want to sell as many of the exact same designs to as many people as possible to keep their costs down. Wallism on the other hand wants to build a community of buyers where a multitude of tastes and expressions are represented. We have no interest in people mounting the same design in their living room as everyone else. Our intention is quite the opposite – your wall, your way.

So to sum things up – by not keeping a stock of ready-made wallpaper rolls, we have no incentive whatsoever to try and sell you anything just because we have lots of it. At wallism, all designs are treated equal. Your taste should make the decision, not some wallpaper site trying to optimize its stock or lure everyone into buying the same pieces.


How do I measure my wall?

We have a simple guide for that. But the short answer is that we only need two measurements from you – the width of the surface at its widest point and the height of the surface at its highest point.

If you have a sloped or pitched wall, or if there's an obstacle like a door or window, check out the guide for different wall types.

Why should I add 2-4 inches / 5-10 cm?

We want you to add 2-4 inches / 5-10 cm to your measurements to make sure you have some wiggle room during installation.

If you provide us with the exact measurements, there's always a slight risk of not having enough wallpaper to cover the entire surface. With a few extra cm, your installation will be easier and safer.

Any excess wallpaper will just be trimmed off once you're done hanging it.

I made a mistake measuring my wall! What now?

If you entered the wrong measurements when ordering from us – get in touch with us as soon as possible at [email protected]. If we haven't produced your order yet, we can cancel the order and change it.


How wide is each strip of wallpaper?

All our murals and wallpaper are delivered on rolls that are 19.3 inches /49 cm wide. So consequently, each strip is 19.3 inches / 49 cm wide.

Can I preview my order?

Yes, after you've entered your measurements (and clicked the button), we will show you a preview of your chosen design specified to your wall size.

If the chosen mural is bigger than your wall (either to the sides or at the top/bottom), you'll be able to move the mural in the preview step to choose what part of the image you want to include.

You can also flip the image using the mirror button and show how many strips your order will consist of.

Can I trust the colors on my screen?

There is always some variation between a color represented on a screen compared to that of a printed product – screen settings, the lighting in your room or the quality of your screen can influence how well the color is represented, but usually, these variations are pretty small.

However, if you're unsure or want to color-match it to a specific color, simply order a sample of the design you're interested in.

Is the surface glossy or matte?

All our wallpapers have a premium matte finish. We use an uncoated non-woven paper with some fibers in it to avoid glare and minimize shine. The surface has an organic paper feel with some texture in it and is not shiny, smooth and dull like plastic or vinyl.

The surface can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

What type of material do you use for wallpapers?

All our wallpaper and murals are printed on non-woven paper, which is the perfect wallpaper material. Think of it as paper (FSC-certified of course), but with organic and synthetic fibers mixed in to allow the wallpaper to remain dimensionally stable when wet. This stability means that you can install all our murals and wallpapers using the paste-the-wall method where the glue is applied directly to the wall.

Very handy and the world's most popular wallpaper material due to its ease of use.

Can the design cover more than one wall?

Yes of course! If you want your patterned wallpaper or mural to cover multiple walls and continue seamlessly from one wall and to the next, simply treat it as ONE single order by combining the width of all walls when you order it.

Are your products PVC-free?

Yes, all our products are 100% PVC-free, non-toxic and tested for harmful substances. To us, that's a given – our wall murals go up on the walls of your home or office, so making sure our products are safe is our main concern.

What's the fire rating?

Our non-woven wallpaper is rated Fire Class A, which is the highest rating.

The Fire Class A rating is assigned to the product category "22. Decorative wallcovering nonwoven" in accordance with the standards given in EN 13501.

Are your wallpapers washable?

All our wallpapers have high washability. Stains are treated as follows:

  • Wet the stain with a cloth or a sponge using soapy water or detergent.
  • Use plenty of lukewarm water to get off all soap rests.
  • Carefully wipe off the over amount of water and leave the wallcovering to self dry.
  • Avoid getting water in the joints where the wallpaper is unprotected.

Are the colors UV-resistant?

Yes, all our products are UV-resistant to avoid fading over time.

The color's fastness to light has been tested and is rated 6-8. The highest possible number is 8.

Are your products free from VOC?

Yes, our products contain no detectable VOCs. Thye are also free from PVC, heavy metals, and other substances that can be harmful to the environment or to your health.

Tests of the emission factor for VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) have been made at the Swedish Testing- and Research Institute according to the FLEC-method (Field and Laboratory Emission Cell). The test results is below the detection limit (<10 µg/m²) for VOC.

Formaldehyde emission rate is below 1 µg/m² determined by the method following ISO 16000-3:2011 standards.


How big are the samples?

Our samples come in a size of 11.7 x 16.5 inches (29,7 x 42 cm), and they are printed on the same paper as our wallpaper.

The samples provide a representation of the entire motif of the wall mural so that it can be used for color matching.

Are the samples printed on the same paper as the actual products?

Yes, our samples are printed on our premium non-woven paper – exactly the same paper and texture used for both our "Paste the wall" and "Peel & Stick" products so that you can get a feel for the texture. However, since the samples are smaller than the actual products, they might appear lighter in comparison.

Please note that while it is the same paper and texture used for all our products, the samples do not come with a Peel & Stick backing.

Hanging wallpaper and murals

How do I hang wallpaper?

All orders are shipped with a handy guide, but you could also check out our masterpiece "The Wallism guide to hanging wallpaper and murals" right here.

If you still have any questions, let us know and we'll help out. You'll reach us at [email protected].

Hanging Peel & Stick

A guide on how to install Peel & Stick is included in your order, but you can also find the guide here.

Can I apply your wallpaper to the ceiling?

Yes, there is no difference between wallpaper for walls or ceilings so any of our paste-the-wall wallpapers can be applied to a ceiling. The Peel & Stick option is not suitable for ceilings however.

Please note that a ceiling installment can be a bit more difficult compared to a wall installment due to the weight of the paper. To make sure that the wallpaper stays in place during installment when the paste is still wet, make sure that the ceiling is completely smooth and bring a friend!

Working with your arms and hands above your head for a long period can be tiresome, so we do not recommend trying to do a ceiling installment on your own.

Orders and payments

Hey, I didn't get an order confirmation!

That's obviously not the way it's supposed to work. In most cases when this happens, the confirmation email either ended up in your spam inbox OR it's due to the email address being entered incorrectly during checkout. A slip of a finger maybe.

Just reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll check if we've received an order in your name and make sure it's updated with the right info.

We love a good chat about orders and emails going rogue.

How do I know my order went through?

After you've placed your order, we'll send you an order confirmation to the email address that you entered during checkout. Should you not receive an email from us, make sure it didn't end up in the spam inbox.

Still no trace? Get in touch with us using [email protected] and we'll help you out. Everything's gonna be alright.

Can I change my order?

It's currently not possible to make changes to an existing order, but if we haven't produced it yet, it's still possible to cancel the order. Then, after cancellation, you can revisit and place a new order.

Just reach out to us at [email protected] as quickly as possible and we'll help you check the current status of your order.

Don't forget to add your order number and name to speed things up.


What's the shipping cost?

We offer free shipping on all orders, worldwide.

What's the delivery time?

Since all our products are made to order, the total delivery time includes both production and shipping.

We usually produce and ship all orders within 2-5 days and depending on where you live, please account for the shipping to take at least:

1-3 business days for EU and UK

3-5 business days for US and Canada

3-6 days for Australia

You'll receive a tracking email with a more detailed delivery time from our courier at the time of dispatch.

Oops, I might have added the wrong address...

It happens to the best of us. If you've just placed your order and we haven't sent it already (to the wrong address...), just reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll make sure to update and polish your order to perfection.

How do you package my order?

Before we see your order off at the workshop and send it your way, we carefully put all the rolls into a hefty cardboard box. The packaging is 100% free from plastic and can resist most nasty surprises that can occur during shipping.

Should your order be damaged during shipping, send us an email with a photo of the chaos and we help you get a new one.

Where is my order?

As soon as we've produced your order, it's handed over to our courier that takes it from there. A tracking link will be sent to your email once this happens and you can use it to see the current status and whereabouts of your package. This is by far the best way to find out where your package is right now.

If you by any chance have not received a tracking number by mail (or an order confirmation for that matter), you might have entered the wrong email when placing your order. Reach out to us via email and we'll set it straight, no worries.

Returns and refunds

Do you offer refunds or returns?

Yes! We want all our customers to be happy with what we design and produce. Therefore, we offer you a 30-day right to return your unmounted product to us and get a full refund. The right to return the product applies for 30 days from the time you have received the product.

Read more in our Returns & Refund section.

I forgot to pick up my package, can you forgive me?

Regarding the forgiving part – yes. We too know about messy weeks and things that don't go as planned.

When it comes to your order, check with your courier if they've already marked it as undelivered and sent it back to us. If so, pop us an email and we'll see what we can do about this small mess.

My package was damaged, what now?

Oh no, it's a cruel world for paper products out there. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience! But just take a deep breath and think of your favorite wallpaper design, we're here to help.

So, if your package showed up like a mess due to transport damage, please let us know as soon as you get it. Just send us an email with your order number and a photo of the package and we’ll help you receive a new one.

Wallpaper designs

Can I feature my designs on wallism?

Our art team is always on the lookout for new designers with a vibrant expression who wants to join in and make walls more remarkable. Reach out to [email protected] with your request.

Collaborations and partnerships

Do you have an affiliate or partnership program?

Hi there! Yes, we have a Partnership Program with that is open for creators and influencers in the interior design space. You can read more about it here.